Our pet boys are easy to handle, and all come with our free after-sales support, whether you have health concerns, or need reassurance, we are here to help.  We have a large range of castrated males in a variety of different colours for sale, they are all halter trained and friendly.

Why buy a castrated male? They are often easier to handle, and have less aggressive behaviour, it will help to keep their fibre softer longer, meaning better return on your fleece sales. And should you wish to purchase more or sell, they will integrate into another herd easier.

Why buy a halter trained alpaca? While alpacas are not dogs and don’t need to be walked, buying a halter trained alpaca means they will be easier for you to handle at times like shearing, or walking onto a trailer should you need to transport them.

Neville is an experienced alpaca shearer and is able to shear your new alpacas if required, we offer customers a special shearing rate.  We can assist our customers with their fibre options.  This can range from selling the raw fibre or producing a product from your pets fleece. (*conditions apply) 

Be spoilt by choice with having a large selection of alpacas to choose from.  You are welcome to visit and see for yourself how friendly our alpacas are and where we can meet and answer any questions you may have, below is a selection of some, we are happy to send you photos of others.   Please call or email to make an appointment to meet with our alpacas and we can bring them in for you see up close.

Available Soon: These are our next group of pet alpacas are currently being trained and will be ready to go to their new homes once they have been castrated by the vet.  They can be purchased now and delivered once they are castrated.  

Please Note, all our Pet Alpacas have now been shorn, ready for summer.

Pets come with:

FREE after-sales support
Discounted shearing rates*
Delivery options*
Assistance with your fibre options

Pet Alpacas for Sale

Nimbus *Sold*
Nimbus *Sold*$400.00
Nimbus has been been enjoying going for short walks.

DOB: 10-Mar-2020
Colour: White
Sex: Wether

Mendi is a friendly boy, who likes to go for short walks.

DOB: 17-Apr-2019
Colour: White
Sex: Wether

Maccas is a quiet boy, but once his halter is on, he’s the perfect little guy. Maccas has been shorn for the summer

DOB: 31-Dec-2019
Colour: White
Sex: Wether

Norton is a sweet boy, who likes to hang out with his friends, Norton is halter training and likes the odd walk around the garden.

DOB: 29-Mar-2020
Colour: Dark Brown
Sex: Wether

Noah $400.00
Noah can be shyer around the other boys, but likes to still come and see what everyone is doing. Noah is halter trained.

Colour: White
Sex: Wether

Nory does enjoy some alpaca pellets and leads in for a sneaky neck scratch when he’s on a walk.

DOB: 29-Feb-2020
Colour: Fawn
Sex: Wether

Newton $400.00
Newton has been been enjoying going for short walks.

DOB: 17-Mar-2020
Colour: White
Sex: Wether

Narwhal is a little shyer than some of the others and takes a more time to warm up to new people.

DOB: 10-Jun-2020
Colour: White
Sex: Wether

Nutcracker $400.00
Nutcracker is a curious boy, he has been enjoying his short walks around the garden.

DOB: 25-May-2020
Colour: Fawn

Newcastle is a cuddly boy, who has been enjoying attention and going for walks.

DOB: 11-Jun-2020
Colour: White
Sex: Wether

Nis *Sold*
Nis *Sold*$400.00
Nis likes a treat of alpaca pellets and he has also been enjoying his short walks

Colour: Brown
Sex: Wether

Nobby (Available Soon)
Nobby (Available Soon)$400.00
Nobby loves being with his friends and likes to go for walk with them.

DOB: 8-Jun-2020
Colour: Brown
Sex: Male – soon to be castrated

Nathan (Available Soon)
Nathan (Available Soon)$400.00
Nathan likes a treat of alpaca pellets and he has also been enjoying his short walks

DOB: 4-Apr-2020
Colour: White
Sex: Male – to be castrated

New York (On Hold)
New York (On Hold)$400.00
New York is a curious boy and likes to hang out & explore with his friends. He has been enjoying his walks

Colour: White
Sex: Male – soon to be castrated

Nile (On Hold)
Nile (On Hold)$400.00
Nile is a bit of a character, he likes to be the leader of the group.

Colour: Black
Sex: Male – soon to be castrated

Nirvana (On Hold)
Nirvana (On Hold)$400.00
Nirvana enjoys special attention and has been liking our short walks.

DOB: 4-Jun-2020
Colour: White
Sex: Male – soon to be castrated