We are pleased to be able to offer a complete range of Alpacas for sale including pregnant females, elite females, wether/pet males, potential stud males and stud males.  We are able to accommodate all budgets and can offer a large colour range.  We are happy to help put together groups of alpacas to suit your exact requirements, be they large or small or for exporting.

All alpacas sold come with our free after-sales support, whether its tips on husbandry, health concerns, or reassurance at birthing time, we are here to help.  Neville is an experienced alpaca shearer and is able to answer any of your questions regarding shearing.

Nevalea Alpacas is a TB free farm and has had a clear status for both Cattle and Alpaca since we began farming our cattle over 25 years and ever since we have owned alpacas. We only purchase animals from farms that are TB free. To attend shows in New Zealand, you must have a clear TB status for your whole herd. And for those that are exported, the alpacas are tested in quarantine prior to leaving New Zealand. Keeping our animals healthy is important to us and we follow New Zealand guidelines to help keep our animals safe.

You are welcome to visit our farm, where we can meet and answer your questions in person and show you our beautiful alpacas.

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