Getting to the Farm2023-10-30T15:05:14+13:00

There are not Uber or Taxi services in Taumarunui, if you arrive in Taumarunui via Train or Bus, you are best to arrange transport service like the local shuttles. Contact the local Isite and they will help you with local shuttle options or alternatively you could ask you accommodation provide as they often offer their guests transport options.

Paying with Credit Card2023-06-08T10:52:54+12:00

We use Paypal to process payments by credit card, but you do not need to have or setup a Paypal account to pay with your credit card, you can checkout as a Guest.

See PDF on how to checkout as Guest using your credit card

Shipping Charges2023-06-08T10:52:07+12:00

We charge a Flat Rate for shipping, using NZ Post

Urban New Zealand $8.00

Rural New Zealand $12.30

Australia $20.00

China $20.00

UK $25.00

Rest of the World $29.00

The pricing is calculated using NZ Post’s Postcodes, so if you live in New Zealand Urban area and it charges you $29.00 (Rest of the World) price, it could be that you have entered the incorrect postal code for your area or that our website hasn’t got that code loaded correctly, please send us an email if you think its calculated it incorrectly and we will manually update it, so it calculates correctly for you.

Having Trouble with Cart2022-05-11T13:12:54+12:00

If you are trying to purchasing using a Ipad, unfortunately the Ipad won’t display the last two fields that are required to be entered under the Postcode field.  The first one is Phone and the second is Email, you should be able to proceed if you enter these in.  Or you could try using a different device.


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