Nevalea Fairy is a friendly girl and comes running for her treat of alpaca pellets.  She has produced us some lovely cria over the years who are have good commercial fleeces that are used in for soft alpaca yarn.

IAR                        1009914
DOB                      7-Dec-2009
Colour                  (S) Dark Fawn

Sire                       Egmont Elijah
Dam                      Tui Glen Sooty

Mated to             Aquaviva Garibaldi
LMD                    24-4-2023

Asking Price:     $1800.00 NZD

Nevalea Fairy’s Progeny:

Nevalea Ijahna
Nevalea Jaffa
Nevalea Kerri
Nevalea Loki
Nevalea Merry
Nevalea Nixie
Nevalea Pixie
Nevalea Rani