Nevalea Estonia loves a treat of alpaca pellets and is very friendly.  Her cria are also very friendly and the males are sold very quicky when listed for sale.

IAR                        1009404
DOB                      30-Nov-2011
Colour                  (S) White

Sire                       Nevalea Admiral Charleston
Dam                      Somerset Janey

Mated to             Nevalea Neville
LMD                    9/5/2023

Asking Price:     $3000.00 NZD

Nevalea Estonia’s Progeny:

Nevalea Howie (M)
Nevalea I.T (M)
Nevalea Joplin (M)
Nevalea Koretz (F)
Nevalea Listonia (F)
Nevalea Mickey (M)
Nevalea Olaf (M)
Nevalea Priscilly (F)