Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if it is raining on our tour?
In our view, it doesn’t matter if it rains or shines, the alpaca don’t mind the rain, they stay nice and dry with their fluffy fibre. In this region the weather is changeable and it’s best to prepare for all conditions no matter the season, so be sure to wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather, we walk even if it rains, packing a jacket is recommended.

What kind of footwear should I wear?
Suitable walking footwear is recommended, especially if you are choosing an activity where you will be walking the alpacas,  please note that during the winter season the ground can be wet.

Do I have to make a booking?
A booked tour/activity ensures availability.  We will have the alpacas ready for the tour if we know you are coming, otherwise they maybe out in the fields eating grass. Most of our online bookings close 12 hours prior to their start time (or when full), this is so we can plan our day and ensure staff and alpacas are organised to begin the tours.  If you have missed booking, you can try your luck and ring to see if we have space available, it is cheaper to Book Online.

What if someone from my group does not want to participate in the activity?
For visitors who choose not to participate in the activities, we have seating available while waiting for the groups to return.

What if someone from my group does not want to participate in the activity, but would like to come and watch/take photos of their friends?
We have a spectator passes available for our activities. The spectator pass allows the person to join in the Activity with the rest of their group, but excludes taking an alpaca for a walk. A minimum of one paying adult for a spectator pass to be used.

Can I take photos of the Alpacas?
Yes, don’t forget to bring your camera. During the walk, feel free to take pictures of the animals and of the natural scenery. We will also try to take photos and post them up on our social network sites, often we are asked to post new pictures of ‘your alpaca’, whom you may have made a special bond with during your time here at Nevalea. Many families return time and time again, building a friendship with us and a very special bond with the alpacas, so where we can, we try and update you about your favourite alpacas.

Can I book for just my children for an activity?
No, Children under 14 years must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Do I need a booking if my child is under 2 years old?
Yes, you do need to book for a child under 2 years of age, they are free of charge can accompany the paying adult with their tour.

Is there any Public transport to Nevalea Alpacas?
No, there is not public transport, but there are shuttle services operating in the area, contact the local Isite and they will be able to help you with transport options.

Do you have group discounts?
Yes, group discounts are available for adult groups of over 15, contact us for details. Family passes available for family groups. And we have special school group activities available on request.

How many alpacas will I get to see?
Depends on which activity you choose, for example the ‘Alpaca Encounter’ activity takes 20-30 minutes, so you will head out to the alpacas that are the close by, where with the Trek, this takes you up into the hills at Nevalea where you will see many alpacas along the walk that you can’t see from the Entrance. Our alpacas are moved regularly to ensure they are well fed and each day is different.

What is a Cria?
Cria is the name for a baby alpaca, a cria is an alpaca under 12 months of age.

Can I bring my Dog (or other pet animal)?
NO, please don’t.  And this is for many reasons from health & safety of other visitors, to the health & safety of our alpacas.