Our Alpacas competed at the Taumarunui show on 11th February 2017 with an awesome result.

Nevalea Josie – 1st Junior White Female & Reserve Champion White
Nevalea Jefferson – 1st Junior White Male
Nevalea Jewel – 1st Intermediate White Female
Nevalea Iroy – 2nd Intermediate White Male
Nevalea Icy-Sue – 1st Adult White Female
Blackgate Lodge Bronson – 2nd Senior White Male

Nevalea Jasmine – 1st Junior Light Fawn Female & Champion Light Fawn
Nevalea Italy – 1st Imtermediate Light Fawn Male
Nevalea Jinga – 2nd Intermediate Mid/Dark Fawn Male

Nevalea Jungle – 1st Junior Brown Male & Reserve Champion Brown
Nevalea Inaki – 1st Intermediate Brown Female
Nevalea Izett – 2nd Intermediate Brown Female
Nevalea Jobie – 1st Imtermediate Brown Male & Champion Brown
Nevalea Sun-Errol – 1st Adult Brown Male

Nevalea Jellee – 1st Junior Black Female
Nevalea Jett – 1st Junior Black Male & Champion Black
Nevalea Jake – 2nd Junior Black Male
Nevalea Inka – 2nd Intermediate Black Female
Nevalea Jinella – 3rd Intermediate Black Female
Nevalea Sun-Silvester – 1st Adult Black Male & Reservse Champion Black