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Alpaca Baby Shorts


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Hand knitted in super soft baby alpaca, these baby shorts are a cute choice for your special little one.

Match it up with a cute alpaca bolero

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Our alpaca baby shorts is 100% New Zealand grown and made.

Alpaca knitwear has some great advantages,

  • • There is no lanolin in alpaca fibre making it hypo-allergenic, perfect for sensitive skin.
    • Alpaca fibre is a natural insulator, making it one of the warmest weatherproof fibres on the market. (30% warmer than sheep’s wool)
    • It also allows for breathability in warmer climates and can be extremely lightweight. This multi-functionality makes alpaca fibre products perfect for every climate.
    • Alpaca fibre is strong and durable, which is why it resists stretching and keeps it original shape more easily than other fibres.
    • Baby alpaca does not come from new born, baby alpaca is a level of grading of how fine the fibre is (21.5micron). At Nevalea Alpacas, this is the fibre that goes into making our alpaca yarn and is used for making our designer alpaca knitwear range.

Melon (Bright Watermelon) & Natural White

6-9 Months



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