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Children's Birthday Parties

Party with the Pacas

Looking for that unique birthday party for your special little one … come party with the alpacas.

You’ll start with feeding the alpacas and the children will have a chance to give a cria (baby alpaca) a cuddle

You will then take the alpacas for a short walk along Alpaca Lane to a special birthday area that we have set up for your special party.
Children can take part in a game along the way to the party destination.

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The birthday table will be set up with morning or afternoon tea for the children to enjoy.  We’ll then play two games and conclude the party with walking the alpacas back.

Party Price: $150.00  (For up to 6 children, $20.00 per children after the 6th child, maximum of 12 children)

Party Details:

  •  Price is for 6 children – you’ll have three alpacas to walk (one alpaca per every two children)
  •  Picnic Morning/Afternoon tea – picnic includes a drink, an alpaca biscuit, a cupcake and a lollypop. (we setup before you arrive and clean up after)
  •  3 Party Games that we organise and run during the party.
  •  A cup of alpaca nuts for the children to feed the alpacas, and they get to take the cups home as a souvenir.

                                   Your welcome to bring your own birthday cake.

Contact Us to book your child’s birthday party with the alpacas.

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